Fisherman’s Memorial

Wilkie Civil Engineering (Wilkie) was approached by a group of fishermen to assist in creating a memorial for those who pioneered the professional fishing industries in Fremantle and Rockingham. Wilkie was involved in the structural design of a jetty, which was crafted out of three different materials, each material replicating a different era that the previous generations of fishermen had worked in.

The jetty was crafted out of jarrah, concrete and steel. On the back of the jetty is an honour board displaying the names of 608 professional fishermen and a short story about the history of the industry. A sign post was used for the construction of this board, which consisted of timber posts each 5 metres high and 200mm thick.

To negotiate the logistic and space restrictions the memorial was created in over 20 pieces, with assembly on site. Wilkie was involved in all aspects of the structural design of the project and also supervised the assembly on site.