Junior Club House and Wave Protection

Wilkie Civil Engineering (Wilkie) was approached by a committee member of the Fremantle Sailing Club to design a new junior club house including wave protection to provide a calm area for junior club members to rig their boats and set sail. Wilkie carried out this work on a pro bono basis.

Wilkie provided structural design, detailed drawings and architectural drawings for the clubhouse, and designed the wave protection breakwater groyne to protect the building against heavy seas. To build the groyne several thousand m³ of clean sand fill was laid and covered with geo fabric to protect the shoreline immediately adjacent to the clubhouse. Approximately 200 m³ of limestone rocks imported from a local quarry were then benched against the geo fabric and laid out into the ocean to create a wave protection groyne approximately 30 m long. 2T blocks minimum were required to resist the calculated dynamic wave actions.

The clubhouse was built from limestone blocks, suitably matched to the existing heritage buildings of the Fremantle port area. To provide additional protection against chlorides and wind, Wilkie ensured rigorous galvanising and painting specifications were applied to all exposed materials.

A builder who was associated with the club carried out the building and construction work with site engineering, inspection and review by Wilkie when necessary. It was a most satisfying project to be associated with.