Lot 2 Foreshore Drive, Singleton

Wilkie Civil Engineering (Wilkie) was approached by a local developer to design a sewer extension that would service a newly planned subdivision of a beachfront lot in Singleton, WA. Wilkie successfully overcame various challenges, given that it was already a well-established road with an existing sewer line.

Wilkie had to design the sewer to conform to Water Corporation requirements, affected stakeholders needs and relevant standards while keeping the client costs reasonable. Being a long sewer reticulation for a five lot subdivision, Wilkie was first tasked to ensure it was feasible. A preliminary design was used to calculate approximate construction costs for the client to determine if to go-ahead with the extension.

Wilkie was then tasked with designing the sewer for approval. Regular discussions with the Water Corporation were maintained to ensure no future clashes were experienced with other developers and any concerns raised were dealt with at an early stage. Wilkie sought and was successfully granted approval for a non-standard alignment for a portion of the extension. The design was formalised and approval sought and received from the Water Corporation and all affected stakeholders. This ensured all concerns were sorted before construction.

Wilkie tendered to a range of contractors to ensure the client got the best price and quality and followed through as the construction engineers for the project. Wilkie was able to achieve property connections to the lots allowing the subdivision to go ahead, in a cost effective manner that was compliant with the Water Corporation’s requirements.