St Mary & Archangel Michael Church

Wilkie Civil Engineering (Wilkie) was approached by the Coptic Orthodox Church of WA for the structural engineering design of the removal of an existing load bearing wall at the St Mary & Archangel Michael Church, East Victoria Park, WA.

Wilkie began with a structural inspection and assessment report to determine the proposed methodology for the demolition and the design criteria for the new lintel beam to be installed. As the proposed opening was large, it was important to determine the loads acting on the existing wall as these would have a large impact on the size of the lintel beam. The designs were to comply with the Australian Standards and building code regulations for strength and serviceability.

The demolition methodology was also included to ensure the works would not affect other sections of the building and formed part of the deliverables. The report and drawings were certified by a building surveyor and submitted to the local council for approval which was granted. Wilkie also assisted the client in identifying a suitable builder who could confidently quote and perform the works involved in the project.

Wilkie thereafter provided construction advice to the builder and supervised the construction work in order to ensure the works were completed as per the designs and that any changes that needed to be made were compliant with the design requirements. The final outcome of the project was a pleased client, whose congregation had waited for over 20 years for this expansion to happen successfully and with guaranteed professionalism as demonstrated by Wilkie.