Wandoo Valley Estate

Wilkie Civil Engineering (Wilkie) was tasked with the responsibility of ensuring the successful subdivision of a 36 hectare piece of land located near Northam on the outskirts of Perth. This included engineering design consultancy, construction supervision, contract administration and overall project management from conception to completion, prospectively leading to the successful issuance of 14 individual titles for the subdivided lots.

Given our commitment to the client, Wilkie consistently and diligently carried out all requirements as per the agreed scope of works throughout the project. This included proper planning strategies in seeking out WAPC approval for the subdivision and facilitating engineering design work associated with the conditions set out in the approval documentation.

Wilkie carefully proceeded with contract administration keeping both client and contractor abreast with any issues and closely monitoring progress as it was made on site. In the background, we liaised with all stakeholders concerned with various aspects of the job to ensure proper timing of deliverables and mobilisation to site from the various sub-consultants, sub-contractors, utility agencies and authorities. Ultimately, this led to the successful and timely completion of the project with minimal conflicts and avoidance of significant delays.