Design Engineering deals with various projects, which often include the requirement to handle many aspects of environmental concern. These include land contamination, water resources management, flora and fauna studies, bushfire management, ecology and protected species, groundwater protection, and environmental management plans.

  • Water management plans
  • Hydrology & Hydrogeology


Water Management Plans

We have experience in handling various water-related components of projects, whether they are for existing infrastructure or new proposed developments. This spans various sectors including the mining industry, land development or urban infrastructure. On many occasions, water management plans need to be investigated and prepared before certain developments are given the green light to commence.

We work closely with the various regulatory authorities as well as local and state government bodies to ensure that proper procedures are followed, requirements and safe environmental guidelines are adhered to when these water management plans are prepared. These could take various forms, e.g. Urban Water Management Plans, Local Water Management Strategies, District Water Management Strategies, etc. depending on the nature of the project and the responsible authority.

The WA Department of Water’s Decision Process for stormwater management is strictly adhered to in terms of investigating and documenting water quantity management, water quality management, protection of waterways and wetlands, and the management of groundwater levels. Similarly, Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) is always taken into consideration together with the objectives documented in the Stormwater Management Manual for WA. By implementing these best practices, we ensure that this approach contributes to the benefits of Integrated Water Cycle Management and thus emphasizes the benefits of water efficiency, reuse and recycling brought out in our designs, plans and documentation.

Hydrology and Hydrogeology

Design Engineering has qualified engineers that understand the importance and benefits of proper hydrological data analysis and interpretation. Given the importance of proper drainage design on any project, it is paramount that the source of data used for detailed engineering design is accurate and up-to-date. We rely on data supplied by the Australian Government’s Bureau of Meteorology as well as technical details and procedures outlined in Australian Rainfall and Runoff (AR&R), which is currently being revised and updated on a national level.

Groundwater levels and hydrogeological studies are an important aspect of drainage, water supply, and environmental protection.Design Engineering take into account all aspects of hydrogeology when engaged on any project, be it in the mining industry, land development or urban infrastructure sectors.

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