Design Engineering offers a suite of geotechnical services for residential and commercial projects. Design Engineering has worked on many projects over the years from single storey building pads to subdivisions with pre-existing contaminated soils.

At the planning and design stages, our geotechnical services have been used to ascertain the site soil capabilities prior to drainage, earthworks and roadworks design.
During construction, our geotechnical services aid in providing classifications for building design or to certify earthworks. Local government authorities usually require that the earthworks be certified by an engineer in addition to the traditional requirements of a compaction test, both of which we provide.

  • Compaction Testing
  • Soil Classification Report
  • Site Investigations


Compaction Testing

Design Engineering offers compaction tests for earthworks and proposed building. Using a Standard Perth Sand Penetrometer we can test the compaction of imported or existing soils to confirm suitability for intended purposes. Should it be unsatisfactory, we will advise you of the remedial action required for the proposed works.

Soil Classification Reports

Soil classification is required in order to plan for the foundations of a proposed building, thus ensuring that the building will be adequately supported. Design Engineering reports give the current soil conditions and methods of improvement in order to achieve a more appropriate classification to the satisfaction of local government requirements or for the benefit of the proposed building. We use the classification as per Australian Standards AS2870 and report findings in a descriptive manner to give the most meaningful classification for engineers, builder and architects.

Our office can investigate soil from a given location to ascertain its properties and where required, obtain lab results and review the results. This most often occurs when using undocumented soils as fill or in-situ soils for building pads and the need to satisfy the local government authority of its suitability for its projected use. Design Engineering also offer analysis of retrospective illegal fill and can offer solutions where required to the satisfaction of the local government authority or concerned parties.

Site Investigations

An important consideration when either developing a property or constructing a building is the condition of the site from the groundwater through to the wind loadings. Design Engineering will carry out an on-site inspection of existing vegetation, soil and neighbouring properties to determine the characteristics that will impact the development or any construction on the lot. This will also include initial drainage advice.

Within the Perth metropolitan area we can determine how the groundwater table will affect the area and any precautions required; outside the Perth metropolitan area the water table can for the most part be determined, however in some cases drilling may be required.

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