Commercial & Industrial Buildings

Design Engineering has an extensive history of providing reliable engineering consultation for commercial and industrial buildings with more than 30 years of local building experience. Working to an international quality management standard (ISO 9001-2015), we are able to offer our services with the highest level of quality control which can’t be found elsewhere. All engineering drawings and calculations are checked in-house by our team to ensure quality procedures are adhered to and all engineering concepts and design are produced with a high regard for safety and the environment.

  • Storage units, warehouses
  • Tension membrane structures
  • Pavement slabs
  • Design and drawings

Structure Types

Our structural engineers have expertise in providing engineering inspections, consultation and design, drawings for warehouses, storage units and commercial offices of steel, masonry and concrete construction.

Industrial warehouses feature large open spaces, typically utilising steel portal frame construction with either masonry walls or precast concrete panels, and commonly include a gantry or monorail crane system. Wind loads are a significant obstacle to negotiate due to the large roof spans and high surface areas. It is important that all features of the building are analysed concurrently to see the effects of the combined actions of wind, crane loading, and occupancy loading and how they affect the performance of the building. Steel portal frames can be efficiently designed for spans up to and including 30 meters. With pre-cast concrete panels, these can be either cast onsite or offsite in a controlled environment and transported to site and positioned into place. The design of these panels needs to ensure there is enough reinforcement to withstand the lifting and transportation loads, which in most cases are more significant than the design loads while in use. Additionally, it is often required that a mezzanine floor is built, and we are able to incorporate this feature into the design of the warehouse.

Our designs incorporate the latest industry practises using up to date technology to ensure your project encompasses efficiencies and cost effective design. We can add value to your project and provide innovative solutions by providing recommendations on improvements to your design or where necessary, alternative options.

Tension Membrane Structures

Design has experience in designing and certifying tension membrane structures. These are typically in the form of shade structures using a fabric material which is wrapped around the roof frame to form the roof covering. These structures are very susceptible to wind loadings as they are lightweight and can have large surface areas for the wind to act on. Although they are hidden, the foundations are the most important feature as they are required to resist large uplift loads, which can be up to 5-10 times the weight of the frame structure.

Pavement Slabs

We can provide designs of pavement slabs to be used for warehouses, buildings and industrial sites that need to be designed efficiently to support the intended traffic. We are experienced in cool room/freezer room’s temperature effects, heavy machinery loadings, and storage loadings. The location of expansion joints and construction joints is critical to obtaining a pavement slab which will minimise cracking and ensure the temperature effects do not overstress the slab.

Design and Drawings

Our design capabilities include all facets of structural and civil engineering including stormwater/drainage design and geotechnical design, producing excellent results through experience and knowledge in this area. Our designs are fully compliant with the Building Code of Australia and relevant Australian Standards including AS 1684, AS 1170 series, AS 2870, AS 3600, AS 4100, AS 3700, AS 4600, AS 1720, AS 2159, AS 4678 and many others. Our in-house drafting team are able to provide engineering drawings to the highest standard in compliance with the requirements of AS 1100.

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