Council Order

Have you received a council order?

Receiving an order letter from the Council is not as scary and stressful as they appear when first received. The Design Engineering team can help with Council requests for Structural reports and certification of built structures by preparing the necessary documentation. The steps below are recommended to help manage the situation with the Council. The important point to remember is to keep open and clear communication with the Council and ask the Council questions for clarity if you are not sure of anything related to their council order.   

Recommended Steps:

1. Advice Council

Advise the Council you are seeking quotes to either [i] certify the structure [ii] get an engineering report to address remediation options. For an uncertified structure this will enable you to submit an application to the Council for approval (where you want to keep the structures). It is advised for uncertified structures you ask the Council do they accept and require:

[a] Structural certificate

[b] Engineering drawing

[c] Site layout for your property

[d] Are there any other specific requirements ie geotechnical soils report

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2. Seek Quotes

Seek quotes from a reputable Residential Engineering copmany to get either:

[i] uncertfiied structure

[ii] structural assessment report with remediation recommendations

3. Engage with a Structural Engineer

Engage with a Structural Engineer to complete the structural site inspection. This may also include a site measurement if an existing structure needs to be certified.

Structural Engineer Drawings

4. Request Extension

Advice the Council you have engaged a structural engineer to either complete the [i] design and certification or [ii] structural report with remediation recommendations. Request an extension of time for 20 days for the engineer to complete their engagement.

5. Structural Engagement

Structural Engineer complete engagement by either:

[i] completing a design and certification of the uncertified structure

[ii] preparing a report that provides remediation options that address the issues in the Council order

6. Council application process

If your order relates to a uncertified structure at this step you will need to complete the Council application form for Council approval of the uncertified structures.

Council Application Form

7. Lodgement

If your order relates to an uncertified structure you need to lodge the Council application form with the Council for planning approval. If your order relates to a failure you will need to submit the report to the Council and await their response.

8. Amend any Missing information

Sometimes the Council will send a letter back saying information is missing like a site layout. This is ok. You just need to source this information and submit it to the Council.

9. Resubmit

Resubmit the missing information and wait for Council approval.

10. Rectification

For uncertified structures you will now need to engage trades people to rectify any modifications required to make your structure comply with the structural design and certification. For failures you will need to action the recommendations provided by the Structural Engineer contained in the Structural report. This may include:

  • Design a new wall
  • Repair a retaining wall
Rectification Modification on Council Orders

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