Design Engineering has an extensive history of providing engineering consultation for the demolition of structures in the residential and commercial/industrial sector. With more than 30+ years of local building experience the team work to an international quality management standard (ISO 9001-2015). Additionally, we are able to offer our services with the highest level of quality control which can be difficult to find elsewhere. All engineering drawings and calculations are checked in-house by our team to ensure quality procedures are adhered to. As well as all engineering concepts and design are produced with a high regard for safety and the environment.

  • Listing Studies
  • Temporary bracing/propping
  • Method studies
  • Structural Assessment
  • Renovations

Demolition Lifting Studies

Design Engineering has experience performing lifting studies. Including the removal and installation of redundant, damaged or new structures and equipment at industrial sites, commercial buildings, mine sites, fuel infrastructure sites and other construction areas. We are able to assess the cranes lifting capacity based on the weight of the lift, distance of the lift and crane specifications. We also have experience specifying and designing lifting devices such as spreader frames, spreader beams, cradles, lifting points as well as rigging equipment including shackles, slings and chains.

Our analysis will also include the lifted equipment to ensure that the item is adequate for the lifting loads. Advanced analysis techniques such as Finite Element Analysis (FEA) may be required to assess locations around lifting point attachments to the main structure for local stress intensities. We have extensive knowledge of lifting standards within the industry including BHP Sep 60, Woodside lifting standard and Australian Standard AS 4991.

Structural Assessments

Prior and during demolition, Design Engineering are able to offer structural assessments and integrity reports for residential and commercial buildings, industrial structures and retaining walls. We assess the integrity of the existing structure or building for the impact of the demolition or renovation and determine the demolition methodology. Using heavy machinery on existing structures for demolition may impact the structure and cause failure, as the original design loads may not have allowed for such an increase in loads.

Our reports are clearly set out so that people with non-technical backgrounds are able to understand the assessment.

Renovations and demolition

Home Demolition

Temporary Propping/Bracing

During the construction phase of any project, structures are at their most vulnerable as the structure may not be fully tied together with other members. Wind forces and construction loads such as materials and accidental impact can cause the structure to become unstable. Propping and bracing is necessary to ensure that the structure is stable and wont collapse until the construction reaches a stage where it is self-supporting or has adequate strength. Design Engineering has experience designing propping and bracing for tilt up panel walls, masonry walls, formwork for suspended concrete slabs and walls which comply with the statutory regulations and standard construction practices. Our designers strive to achieve the most efficient design so that costs of construction can be reduced and strength is maximised.

Demolition Method Studies

For any demolition project, we can provide a step by step, systematic and innovative demolition methodology study. We report on the sequence of demolition, analysis of the building during demolition and by closely working with contractors, we can provide recommendations for the equipment to be used. Design has experience providing demolition method studies for bridges, tanks, industrial buildings and commercial buildings.


Renovating, retro fitting or modifying commercial and industrial buildings is a common occurrence as businesses and their requirements change over time. Works may require part of the building to be demolished and parts to be retained. We are able to provide expert engineering consultancy to assess the overall concept, provide recommendations, and produce engineering designs, drawings and certifications.

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