Drainage and Sewerage

Design Engineering has designed drainage and sewerage solutions for developments from commercial sheds to large residential subdivisions involving road works over many years. We work with local authorities and clients to give the most effective solution in terms of cost, space usage and aesthetics. We are closely following the revision of the Australian Rainfall and Runoff manual which we use as a standard for our designs in conjunction with the Stormwater Management Manual for Western Australia.

  • Soak wells
  • Stormwater runoff assessment
  • Hydraulic design
  • Basins and ponds

Drainage and Sewerage Pipes

Soakwells and Drainage Pits

Soakwells & drainage pits offer a discreet way to collect, infiltrate and retain water. Used to both collect and to dispose of water they are often used in small developments or in conjunction with ponds and basins where it is unfeasible to contain in pits alone. Although pits are relatively discreet to match some local authority’s requirements they can consume large areas. However, via the use of pits and above ground storage in extreme storm events we are able to give a practical and effective drainage solution to satisfy the client and local authority’s requirements.

Stormwater Runoff Assessment

We can assess the rainfall and corresponding run off quantity for pre and post development and offer environmentally sound solutions for disposing of the run off caused by development or solutions to current drainage problems such as flooding and waterlogging.

Hydraulic Design for Drainage and Sewerage

The conveyance of water to the basin or pits can be via pipe or overland channels or a combination of both. Design Engineering can design the passage of water and the required channel/pipe size, grade, weirs/drops and energy dissipators to ensure it is capable of handling the required storm event.

Basins and Ponds Drainage and Sewerage

Often used in medium to large subdivisional developments or large impervious properties, basins offer a drainage solution where pits alone will be unpractical. In developments we can design ponds which can be a feature of the estate as well as have practical stormwater retention capabilities. We have also in the past designed shallow basins used in rare storm events which year round are inconspicuous, and frontages which only fill for short periods during large storms.

There are two major types of basins: retention and detention basins. Design Engineering is capable of designing and determining what is required for your development. Standard retention basins are commonly used where the land permits infiltration or is a requirement. A basin can be designed to contain the rainfall runoff and via soakage return the water to the underground water table.

Evaporation retention basins are often used where infiltration will be slow but there are no downstream facilities and are a combination of infiltration and evaporation to dissipate or moderate the volume between storms. Detention basins are used to allow water to discharge safely into either a water course or another drainage system once the storm intensity of your system has subsided. We work with the controlling agency to ensure the correct rate of discharge and the basin retains the required quantity.

Drainage and Sewerage

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