Design Engineering has an extensive history of providing engineering consultation for infrastructure projects with more than 30 years of local building experience. Working to an international quality management standard (ISO 9001-2015), we are able to offer our services with the highest level of quality control which can be difficult to find elsewhere. All engineering drawings and calculations are checked in-house by our team to ensure quality procedures are adhered to.

  • Jetties
  • Culverts
  • Small bridges
  • Driveways and car parks
  • Roads

Driveways, Car Parks and Hardstands

Design can offer complete or part design of your internal paving needs. That is from meeting local authority’s requirements for bays and handicap requirements and ensuring adequate access for vehicles navigating the car park or driveway, to the material and slope of the driveway.

Levels and Drainage

To ensure that there is adequate fall across your paved areas to prevent pooling that is both hazardous and damaging, we can design the roadway levels to tie into the structures and existing paving.

Access/Turning Circles

Where space is limited or attempting to make the most economical use of the driveway, the parking area can limit the access of your property. We can investigate and supply a layout to give you the best result for the type of vehicles you require to have access to your site. That is whether it is everyday cars, trucks, garbage collection and emergency vehicles.

Pavement Design

Depending on the use of the paving, the material can vary greatly to suit your needs; from the residential driveways to hardstands for heavy vehicles we can design the pavement which will meet your requirements.

Culverts Infrastructure

Large culverts over water ways and drains can be a cost effective way to avoid building a bridge. We can design the levels, openings and overflow location, as well as any safety barriers where needed to maintain the flow of the water along the waterway or drain. Culverts can be trafficable for road vehicles or un-trafficable depending on the specific requirements. We collaborate with local suppliers to specify a culvert which will work best for your project and if required we are able to design a custom culvert if an off-the-shelf solution is not feasible.

As well as large culverts we also have the capabilities to design culverts for driveways and between drains under the road (see drainage design).

Small Bridges Infrastructure

Bridges are generally more aesthetically pleasing than culverts and sometimes more practical however they can be significantly more expensive. We have a history of designing short span bridges for pedestrian use and light vehicle access or for lot access bridges generally to clear waterways. We are able to design bridges using timber, steel or concrete which meets the local council requirements and Australian Standards.

Infrastructure roads

Infrastructure Design Jetties

Jetties Infrastructure

We have worked on ornamental jetties such as the Fisherman’s Wharf in Fremantle harbour as well as practical traditional jetties for mooring of boats. We can provide engineering design and drawings, inspect the structural capabilities of existing aged jetties or brand new jetties and where needed give remedial advice and certification. Our designs comply with the relevant Australian Standards as well as local council requirements.

Roads Infrastructure

We work with local authorities and Austroads Standards to create safe and functional roads. This may be inner suburbia with kerbed roads with paths, special treatment intersections and piped drainage to rural roads with reflectors and overland drains.

Geometric Design

We can design the roads and intersections to be safe for the user at the specified sign posted speed limits or where it is not feasible, design and advise recommended/advisory speed limits depending on the nature of the danger. Drainage often plays a part in the design of a road whether getting the roadway runoff to the drainage or where the gutter becomes the overland route in large storm events.

We can design the road and kerbing to allow it to perform as required by the drainage requirements. Space also can be a determining factor in design and we will develop solutions to be practical and cost effective as well as preventing or at least minimising any extensions beyond proposed road reserves.

Pavement Design

As part of road design in public land, the material and the bedding of the road will be specified to requirements of local council to ensure it performs correctly, is long lasting and is adequate for the vehicle loads.


We have experience designing and certifying billboard signs on buildings, road signs, plinth signs, and others. In fact, we check the wind loads for the area and analyse the sign frame for structural adequacy. The team are able to incorporate frangible bases in road sign designs so that impact from cars will cause collapse and reduce the load onto the vehicle. Where signs are attached to existing buildings, they can provide localised loads onto facades and frames which will require analysis to ensure there is no overload in a wind event.

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