Land Development

From start to completion, your land development projects will be handled in the most professional manner by Design Engineering, resulting in wealth creation for your properties and/or investments. We have over 30 years’ worth of experience in dealing with urban and rural subdivisions ranging from twin blocks to land parcels covering hundreds of hectares.

Starting with your initial enquiry, Design Engineering will guide you on the suitability of subdivision based on preliminary investigations, and project manage your subdivision throughout the planning, design, construction and completion of your project resulting in condition clearances and issuance of new titles. We will always involve you in the decision making process with clear and concise fee proposals at every stage of your project. We value regular communication with you and provide you with written project status reports to ensure you are fully briefed on the progress of your project.

  • Planning and Approvals
  • Design & Drawings
    • Power and Comms
    • Sewerage
    • Water Supply
    • Earthworks
    • Roads
    • Gas Reticulation
  • Contract Specifications and Administration
  • Construction Supervision
  • Project Management

Land development subdivisions

Planning and Approvals

Upon approaching Design Engineering, our initial investigations will focus on the suitability of subdividing your property based on current and future planned zoning requirements. We will examine the R-Codes and minimum/average area requirements as stipulated by the Department of Planning and Local Government. Once we determine the viability of subdividing land, we shall guide you on the various possibilities and configurations of it based on existing and planned services to the property, in order to maximise potential.

On behalf of the client, Design Engineering will prepare, submit and coordinate the application for subdivision approval with the relevant planning authorities, together with necessary documentation including pre-calculation survey plans and other necessary deliverables.

Land Development Designs and Drawings

Once your subdivision approval is granted by the relevant authorities, Design Engineering will guide you with the requirements needed to satisfy all planning and engineering conditions. Our competent and experienced team of engineers, surveyors and project managers will address all technical and logistical aspects of your project in liaison with all relevant statutory authorities and local government. Our design deliverables will include all technical specifications, drawings and reports needed to cover all elements as applicable to your property including, but not limited to:

  • survey work
  • earthworks and retaining walls
  • water supply
  • drainage infrastructure
  • sewerage
  • internal roads
  • gas reticulation
  • power and communications
  • environmental investigations
  • bushfire management

We will seek approvals for all our technical documentation and engineering drawings to facilitate quantification and enable construction works to proceed without delays.

Land development residential

Contract Specifications and Administration

Depending on the extent of construction work required and in consultation with you as the client, Design Engineering will either facilitate a tendering process to prospective contractors to carry out the work on your  project, or recommend a reliable contractor if the scope of works is relatively small. Upon successfully appointing a contractor, Design Engineering will carefully prepare contract documents and specifications to meet relevant Australian Standards and industry benchmarks, together with Instruments of Agreement, Agreed Bill of Quantities, and Conditions of Contract.

During construction work, Design Engineering will carefully analyse any variation claims that arise and issue payment certificates to the developer for any progress claims from the contractor, as per the agreed contract documents and specification. We will ensure that your land subdivision project doesn’t blow out of budget with accurate and detailed analysis of project costings for your scrutiny.

We at Design Engineering will also go out of our way to negotiate unreasonable costings from third parties on your behalf in order to ensure that you get the best value for money.

Construction Supervision

Design Engineering has a team of experienced and suitably qualified engineers to monitor, supervise, and manage ongoing construction works for your project, and ensure that progress is made according to schedule. We will regularly carry out site visits and inspections and document findings in a clear manner to both the client and the contractor. We also closely liaise with local government and authorities to ensure approvals are in place at various stages of construction to avoid unnecessary delays on site.

Throughout your land development project, we will ensure that best practices are utilised by the contractor, which are suitable to your subdivision rules and regulations

If required, we will facilitate meetings between the developer and the contractor to discuss progress on site and payment issues should they arise.

Land Development Project Management

Design Engineering will ensure the property developer doesn’t have to deal with all the detailed aspects of the subdivision process by carefully and diligently handling all elements of the project. By project managing your development, we create peace of mind for you and spare you the complexity of dealing with the myriad of third parties involved. Design Engineering will project manage the subdivision by dealing with other consultants, local government, statutory authorities, planning agencies, the contractor on site and other stakeholders that are directly involved or affected by your project.

We provide weekly Project Status Reports to you in a detailed and comprehensive format to ensure you are kept up to date of progress on-site and off-site. We believe that regular communication is one foundation to a successful project delivery and we endeavour to facilitate this throughout your project. 

Please send through your enquiry today via email to and we will call you to discuss your project.