Patios, Carports, & Sheds

Looking to build a new patio, carport or shed, or need one certified? We’ve got you covered. Design Engineering has an extensive history of providing engineering consultation for patios, carports, & sheds with more than 30 years of local building experience.

Patios, Carports, & Sheds design

Patios, Carports, & Sheds Structural Design

Design Engineering provides drafts and structural specifications for your patio, carport & shed designs, ensuring to take the structural, civil and geotechnical factors in to consideration. With our exceptional attention to detail and years of experience we are prepared to get you the results you’re after.

Patios, Carports, & Sheds design & approval

Please send through your enquiry today via email to and we will call you to discuss your project.

Patios, Carports, & Sheds Structural Certification

We can undertake a site inspection to check the site conditions for your patio, carport or shed and provide the certified structural design, ready for your council application.

Patios, Carports, & Sheds approval

When do you need Planning Approval and Certification?

Planning Approval is a crucial process that ensures property development in the Shire adheres to the Local Planning Scheme, Residential Design Codes, and other relevant legislation. Every shire and council in Perth Greater Area may be different. Therefore, it is recommended to contact the Shire’s Planning Team to determine if planning approval is needed, and if so, obtain it before applying for a Building Permit.

A Building Permit is required to ensure a building work complies with the Building Codes of Australia and other relevant standards. However, sometimes a Building Permit is not required for freestanding structures with specific measurements. Again it is essential to check your council before building. If the structure or outbuilding exceeds these limits, a Building Permit is required.

If structural certification for a shed, patio or carport is required don’t hesitate to get in contact to see how we can help.