Retrospective Council Approvals

Design Consulting Engineers provide site assessments for anyone that is seeking retrospective Council approvals. In fact our structural engineers can supply all of the paperwork you need to seek Council approval for unauthorised building work conducted in Perth.

What are Retrospective Council Approvals?

As a rule, before constructing any type of structure or changing the use of a property, development approval and/or a building permit are required.

Therefore, if you have completed building work, changed the use of a building or piece of land without previous consent, or purchased property with unauthorised buildings/structures, you may be able to keep them. Hence, this is referred to as retrospective approval.

We recognise that unauthorised construction projects, such as home or commercial expansions, patios, decks, carports, sheds, pools, shade sails, concrete structures, walls, and fences, can occur for a variety of reasons. However, obtaining retrospective approval is critical for ensuring compliance with legislation and avoiding severe repercussions.

In order to secure retrospective construction approval, you must first obtain a Certificate of construction Compliance from a licenced building surveyor. If planning/development is also necessary, then this must be completed before you can apply for a building approval certificate or occupancy permit.

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retrospective council approvals for sheds

Retrospective council approvals residential houses approval

How we Can Help?

  • Site inspections for retrospective council approval
  • Advice modifications required to meet compliance
  • Document preparation
  • Assist with document lodgement

Our structural engineers specialise in reviewing unauthorised building works and drafting papers for retrospective Council approval. We do extensive inspections, complete design checks, and produce drawings, that is to gain structural certification for approval.

Design Engineering simplifies the retrospective approval procedure. In addition, our experts will lead you through the procedures and ensure that your structure satisfies compliance standards.

We can handle all of your retrospective approval requirements in Perth. Contact us right away to set up an inspection or discuss your project. Let our team help you obtain your certificate of building compliance and in addition ensure a smooth approval procedure. In brief, we will ensure that your illegal structures comply with the local Council regulations.

Please send through your enquiry today via email to and we will call you to discuss your project.