Site Inspections & Reports

Design Engineering has an extensive history of providing site inspections & reports for the residential and commercial sector. With more than 30 years of local building experience, along with working to an international quality management standard (ISO 9001-2015), we are able to offer our services with the highest level of quality control. Our Structural Engineers conduct inspections with a high regard for safety and the environment, as well as offering flexible working hours to meet clients’ personalised requirements and project deadlines.

Site inspections & reports 

Structural Assessment Reports

Design Engineering has experience performing structural site inspections & reports, as well as, providing structural engineering assessment and integrity reports for residential and commercial buildings, industrial structures and retaining walls. Sometimes structures can be overloaded or be designed incorrectly due to lack of knowledge or incorrect design assumptions; in short, these sometimes result in cracking, excessive deflection, instability, and in extreme cases failure can occur. Australian Standards are developed to ensure structures are built with adequate safety margins in the event that unforeseeable loads are experienced.

It is also desirable to ensure that the structure is ductile in nature, which gives the user time to notice that something is wrong and can have time to evacuate or remedy the situation. Therefore, it is important that owners are aware of the buildings they occupy and use and get engineering advice if something looks suspicious or unsafe. Failures in structures are progressive which generally means that if caught early, the problem may be rectified without major consequences. In fact other times it may be required if the structure is to undergo modifications or a change in use that a structural assessment is required.

Our reports are clearly set out so that people with non-technical backgrounds will be able to understand the outcomes.

Structural assessment reports can cover:

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Dilapidation Site Inspections & Reports

If you have earthworks or machines causing vibrations within 50m of your property, this report will protect you by documenting the current condition of your property prior to the earthworks commencing.

General Site Inspections & Reports

With all the other engineering services we offer, there is often the need to inspect the site to gather specific information which cannot be obtained otherwise. Inspections are a routine part of our services and can be scheduled at the request of either the engineer or the client, depending on the circumstances of the project.

Structures can also be damaged by external objects and by the environment in which they are situated. Incorrect coatings and a combination of moisture content, chemical attack and wave action can therefore cause corrosion of the steel. Which will reduce the structural capacity of the member which can eventually lead to failure. Vehicles and other machines can locally damage structures if there are insufficient controls in place. Moreover, this will result in a reduction in strength and affect the serviceability of the item. An engineering inspection and assessment is therefore required to determine if the local damage to the item will not cause overall failure of the structure or if remedial action is required.

Insurance Related Claims

Regrettably if there is overall or partial failure of a structure (i.e. cyclone roof failure, retaining wall failure), insurance companies may require a third party expert opinion to determine the reason for failure, where the fault lies, and remedial action required. We are able to provide site inspections and reports to assess the situation, as well as an assessment for our clients and third parties involved.

site inspections & reports