Swimming Pools

Design Engineering offers a suite of structural swimming pools services that is for residential and commercial projects. In fact, Design Engineering has worked on many projects over the years from backyard pool certification to large arena swimming pool structural design.

Swimming Pools Approval & Design

Swimming Pools Structural Design

Design Engineering provides structural engineering and design services that is for Residential and Commercial Swimming pools across the entire country. Whether you are looking to upgrade your backyard with a beautiful in-ground pool or have a housing complex looking to incorporate a great amenity, we’ll design the pool of your dreams. In addition, we’re experts in inground pool plans, swimming pool designs for small or large yards and more.

Some of our clients wonder why they will need a structural engineer to stamp plans for their swimming pool. In fact, the reason is simple, a swimming pool uses reinforced concrete that will need a design. That design will need to be analysed and developed, both safely and efficiently.

Swimming Pools Certification

Design Engineering offers complete structural engineering certification that is for swimming pools. When paired with our geotechnical services we aim to ensure that the loads being exerted on the pool’s concrete or fiberglass shell can withstand the expected loads. That is due to different soil textures encountered in Perth, proximity to building foundations, toe and heal hillsides locations, subsoil strata composition, seismic zone proximity, hydro-static water conditions and a host of other site specific conditions may exist.

Generally, an essential component to swimming pool design in Perth can involve reviewing the results of the geotechnical report (test borings, soil sampling, etc.). Which in turn will direct the prescribed remedy for directing the structural engineering certification, getting it ready for your council application.

Swimming Pools Second Hand

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